"Our mastermind Herbert Mederer believed in 1975 that life is far too important to be taken too seriously, and he founded the brand Trolli to create the most delicious and craziest gummy candies with unique creativity, attention to detail, and the highest quality. And even today, our greatest goal is to deliver the ultimate gummy candy fun."
Herbert Mederer (left) and Willy Mederer (right)
How it all began...

The history of Trolli started in 1948 with the founding of the confectionery company "Wilmed" by Willy Mederer - the father and role model of the current Trolli owner, Herbert Mederer. With his peppermint fondant as well as his cream cones and cream sticks, he convinced many sweet-toothed customers and constantly expanded the product range with new creations. The company became so successful that the 17-year-old son, Herbert Mederer, also joined in to help.

Trolli goes international!

With passion, creativity, and innovative spirit, father and son together provided variety in the confectionery market and gave the company a more fitting name with their cheeky and creative creations: Trolli. In 1982, the first "Trolli Originals" - such as the sour apple and peach rings - were introduced. The family-owned business took the leap across the big pond and secured a foothold in the USA.

In 1984, Herbert Mederer finally took over the management of the family business as the managing partner and created one highlight gummy candy after another. Starting with the crazy "Wurrlis" - the colourful worms that were created on an advanced brass lathe - followed by the absolute hero creation: the Trolli Burger. When the top-selling sour glow worms hit the markets in 1993, they not only achieved cult status but also brought the creative CEO the Candy Kettle Award.


And with that, the starting signal was given to make Trolli even more international. Production facilities in Spain were added in 1993 and in China in 1999. The newly acquired production facility in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 2000 also provided additional power. Two years later, Mederer once again entered the American market and began supplying the markets in the USA, Canada, and Mexico with crazy and delicious creations under the "efrutti" brand.

Since then, Trolli has continued to develop in its home market of Germany and around the world, bringing the ultimate in fruit gum fun to more and more people. However, the beautiful thing about this success story is that it is far from over.

The Mederer Group's trio of managing directors, consisting of Robert Mähler (CEO/Spokesman of the Management Board), Sabine Arazi (COO) and Fabrice Brettnacher (CFO), as well as more than 2,200 employees worldwide, are responsible for this. Of course, with the same passion and dedication that goes into every one of our fruit gums.

The managing directors of the Mederer Group (from left to right): Fabrice Brettnacher (CFO), Sabine Arazi (COO), Robert Mähler (CEO).